Weekly Notice - 30/01/2015

January 30th, 2015 by

Dear Parents

Please find the following notices for your information.


Regrettably I have not been able to continue to display weekly a set menu for each week.  This is because our caterer, cannot confirm exactly what meals will be provided each day that far in advance.  What I have done is put up a list of meals that we do have provided on a rotational basis on the wall in the reception area.  I will also soon be installing a small white board next to the meal list to record what we actually did have that day.

The food continues to be simple, nutritious fare in line with our nutritional policy.  However, if you feel the need to pack a lunch for your child you’re welcome to do so, providing it is in line with our nutritional policy (copy available upon request).  Babies are offered a mashed/blended version of the main meal for lunch or an age appropriate commercial baby food sachet if the lunch is not palatable or suitable for them.  The menu options include (subject to availability):


  • Cut up season fruits


  • Tuna pasta bake (varied either creamy or tomato base sauce)
Beef casserole and rice
Pork casserole and vegies
  • Lamb casserole and vegies
Chicken and vegie frittata
  • Bacon carbonara pasta
  • Savoury mince and rice
  • Chicken drumsticks, veg sticks and dips
  • Vegemite, jam and honey sandwiches
Ham, cheese/egg, lettuce sandwiches
  • Mini quiches and vegie sticks
Chicken noodle stir fry
  • Beef and vegie stir fry
  • Mini pizzas (ham and cheese)


  • Pikelets
  • Plain scones with butter and jam
  • Banana cake
  • Orange cake
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Apple and cinnamon muffins

Your account

A friendly reminder that casual bookings are to be paid in advance or on the day of care.  Permanent bookings are to be kept 2-weeks’ in advance and on our direct debit system of Payway.  Please speak with Em on the reception desk if you have any queries about your account.

Bus drop offs

The turtle bus leaves AELC at 8am sharp.  If your child is in Before School Care please make sure they are dropped off by 7.45am so we can ensure children get to school on time.

After School pick ups

If your child/ren is being collected by yourself or a friend please kindly let us know in advance so that we’re not anxiously looking for children on our list who haven’t showed up at the collection point.

As a reminder; Nhulunbuy Primary School students are met by our Educators at the front of the Transition area.  Please make sure your child knows where to go as we don’t have the resources to walk to every room to collect children (however we will still walk into Transition classrooms to personally collect the younger children from their teacher).  For Nhulunbuy Christian College students are put on our turtle bus by Teachers when we pull up at the Front Office.  For pre-schoolers we walk in to drop them off and pick them up.

For children new to catching the bus I regularly speak with all schools to ensure that admin staff and teachers know which children are expected to catch the bus to reduce the risk of confusion.

Take care in the car park

Please be sure to drive very slowly when entering or leaving our car park – children are everywhere in the mornings and afternoons (including high school kids on their bikes crossing our driveway) and we need to make sure we’re as safe as can be!

Sharing fruit

Parents please continue to pack a piece of un-cut fruit to share, this helps us to provide fruit for morning and afternoon tea.  For full time children, we’re happy if you provide say a bag of 5 apples at the beginning of the week to save you having to remember it each day.

Changing your bookings

If you need to change or cancel bookings for next year please do so asap – particularly our Babies’ and Toddler rooms are in high demand and the sooner you book the better!

Got something on your mind?

Please make a time to meet with me if you have any concerns or questions about our Centre or services.  If you have something great to say please feel free to write us a review on our Facebook page!