Weekly Notice - 14/01/2015

January 14th, 2015 by

Dear Parents

Belated Happy New Year and welcome back to those who’ve been away on holidays!  Please find the following notices for your information.

Director away

I will be away all next week.  During this time Bridie will be Acting Director.  Please speak to Bridie about any concerns or issues you have during this time.  Otherwise, I’m happy to speak with you upon my return to work on Tuesday 27th January.

AELC Activities

This Friday 16th

Whole of Centre

Friday is pyjama day, staff and children are invited to come to the Centre in the PJs (pack an extra change of clothes in case children change their mind or get a bit confused about why they’re still in their pyjamas).

Part of pyjama day will include watching some G rated children’s movies.  We will also make popcorn for snack time along with our usual fruit and yoghurt.

Vacation Care

Vacation Care children will also participate in pyjama day but this will be extended to a sleep-over at the Centre on Friday night.  To cover our additional insurance, food and activities for this to occur would mean an extra charge of $20 per child.  Notably, our wonderful staff are volunteering their time.

At this stage we need a minimum of 16 children to make this activity viable.

Please register your interest with me/Bridie by COB tomorrow so we can finalise our plans.

Movie wanted

The Over 3’s have been learning a unit of work about chickens so we would like to borrow a DVD of either Chicken Little or Chicken Run for Over 3’s Friday movie.

Does anyone have a copy of either movie we could borrow please?

Changes to the Vacation Care program

We continue to work towards providing exciting and interesting activities for our children in our vacation care program; although sometimes things change beyond our control so we’ve been flexible and provide the following amended schedule for the rest of this week Vacation Care Parents to note:

Thursday - Town Hall movie
Friday - Pyjama day and sleep over at AELC (cost $20)

A program for next week will be out Friday.

Sharing fruit

Parents please continue to pack a piece of un-cut fruit to share, this helps us to provide fruit for morning and afternoon tea.  We’re happy if you provide say a bag of 5 apples at the beginning of the week to save you having to remember it each day.

Changing your bookings

If you need to change or cancel bookings for next year please do so asap – particularly our Babies’ room is in high demand and the sooner you book the better!

Class Photos

We still have some class photos at the front counter for collection.  Please collect your child’s class photos from Miss Em at the front counter if you haven’t already done so.

Thank you for your continued support!